Let us talk "HAKOYA" philosophy

HAKOYA is a traditional Japanese packaging company and a family business of SEIHO CO., LTD. HAKOYA acquired its trademark in 31 countries worldwide.


Our mission is to make the name “HAKOYA” a universal language, to inspire people through “wrapping” in a unique way, to express kindness and warmth of people through the excellence of Japanese craftsmanship.


As「 包 む」"Tsu-tsu-mu" meaning "to wrap in Japanese" can represent a gently protected baby growing inside of a mother’s womb, we want to share the products we cherish in this way.


We are gathered here to create one and only packaging using unique Japanese materials. Through this project, HAKOYA is determined to pass on the importance of challenge and relationship between people.


Kiyotaka Tsukamoto (Mr. HAKOYA), CEO 



Regarding effective packaging and logistics material,

you can leave everything to us.

We are the professional of packages. 


Supply of packages and logistics material

Anti-slip sheet GRIP SHEET®

Production of original packages

Support in planning of package design and branding

Our services

Packages and Logistics Material

Unti-slip  GRIP SHEET

GRIP SHEET is used as a secure way to deliver your pallets until they reach your customers. HAKOYA is the official importer /distributor in Japan partnership with Endupack in Rouen, France.


◆Stabilizes your palletized loads

◆Simple to use

◆Re-usable and recyclable



Logistics Material

Logistics material in general:

cardboards, packing tapes, binders, corrugated plastic, pallets etc.

We have answers for saving cost and space for effective logistics.

Develop original packages

Planning and producing of original packages

Our network all over the world.

◆ Package designers

◆ High quality paper, GMUND paper

◆ Domestic package makers

◆ Our factory in Taiwan



Package marketing and branding support

We support:

◆Designing of packages and marketing tools

◆Planning for effective marketing

◆Product branding

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