Proposal Process

We stick to the principle of sincerely acknowledging the customer's request.


original packages

Step 1

Listening to customer needs and identifying problems

In order to solve the customer's problems we will sincerely listen to the customer needs, and identify problems to be solved through discussion.

Step 2

Formation of proposal to solve problems

We will present our proposal after thorough examination of any problems. We will offer the most suitable proposal as if we were the personal packaging and logistics staff of the customer.

Step 3

Prototype and confirmation

If the customer desires us to use materials we have not worked with before, we will gladly produce and confirm the final product with the customer. We will follow proper steps to make packaging that comply with customer needs.

Step 4

Discussion about cost and delivery

We will discuss the terms and acknowledgement of our price quotation with the customer. Then confirm the method, location, and time of delivery.

Step 5

Making use of custom-made features

We will start purchasing and manufacture of the package and related materials. We have a system that is capable to meet any shape and small order size making use of our custom-made features.

Step 6

Guaranteed delivery of any order

We will deliver the products to the location, in the quantity, and by the time that the customer requires. No matter how small the order is, we will guarantee to deliver it without fail.

Step 7

Real business association starts after the delivery

We adhere to the principle of “the customer comes first” even for customer follow-up. We will verify the effect of our proposal and issues jointly with the customer to further improve customer operation. We look forward to having a long lasting business relationship with you.