Wrapping with heart.

The word FUROSHIKI was born in the Edo era.
As public baths became popular among the people FUKUSHIKI is a piece of fabric that is used to carry around their change of clothes.

It is not difficult to imagine today that the piece of fabric used to wrap clothes to go to public baths
had become more sophisticated to look beautiful or in other cases stylish.

Edo people not only used “packaging” just for its functional use,
they also saw it as a unique creative way for an original style.
There are many examples throughout Japanese history of unique ideas became the culture of Japan.
Looking back at the history of "packaging", an example would be, the elegant style of department store`s wrapping tools They accomplished a unique evolution that could not be found anywhere else in the world.


There is beauty in the sensibilities of how Japanese people include their hearts with respect, appreciation and love in the art for “packaging”. In this period there were opinions like “excessive packaging".
It is not fair to abandon this unique culture just because it is unsuitable for the new current age. 
In the late 
20th century and early 21st century, Japan had taken the world by storm with high technology. 


Today, the world has its eyes on the Japanese lifestyle and its culture.
We should open our eyes once again to our culture and pass on this “packaging” art to the world.
In the 21st century, the hearts that respect, appreciation and love include the wrapping and packaging 
will become appreciated by people all over the world. 


by Kiyotaka Tsukamoto (Mr. HAKOYA)