What SEIHO can do

 We are able to offer various solutions with our "Package and Logistics Services" as well as many hand-made solutions.


We handle all kinds of materials necessary for "Package and Logistics Services"

For example, we use not only corrugated cardboard for packaging, but also craft tapes, binding devices and plastic corrugated boxes. We shall be happy to serve your needs.

We are capable to meet your request for small orders,  even for just one package.

We stick with our time-honored tradition of “custom-made” products. We are capable to flexibly meet your request for any custom shape and size. Please do not hesitate to ask us, as we shall be happy to accept even the smallest of orders which other manufacturers have given up on.

We are capable of offering a wide variety of "boxes" in many kinds.

We are able to meet any kinds of customer requests such as "weight saving," "cost reduction" and "space saving." We will meet any customer requests or questions regarding "Package and Logistics Services" uniting our knowledge and know-how.